Our Writers

  • Kanika Bhatia

    Kanika Bhatia
    Kanika graduated from Bard College, New York - a Liberal Arts school where she majored in Economics and Global & International Studies. After returning to India, she's been leading the content and social media team at Desimartini. She loves to spend her afternoons in theatres watching movies - hard at work, obviously! Outside work, you'll find (or not!) Kanika galavanting across India and the World with her favourite travel companion - her camera.
  • Nikhil Arora

    Nikhil Arora
    Nikhil saw Jurassic Park in ’93 in a theater at the age of 5 and chose film as a way of life. He graduated from Delhi University and Whistling Woods International in Mumbai. He enjoys writing/ talking about movies when he's not watching them. Currently writes reviews and manages content and social media at Desimartini.
  • Niyatee Sharma

    Niyatee is Maths graduate from Delhi University who fell in love with films after watching Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. If she's not busy watching movies, you'll find her in a kitchen, baking brownies and tarts or curled up on her hammock with a book! She's currently managing content and social media at Desimartini.
  • Smita Vyas

    Full time mother, most times entrepreneur and weekend movie watcher, I love dabbling in various things, most of them completely unrelated to the education I received at IIM,Bangalore. I am a workshop junkie and have tried everything from dandiya garba classes to poetry writing and from turning pottery wheels to turning circles in Sufi meditation. New experiences keep me alive. Watching the good bad and the ugly every Friday morning feeds my craving for the unknown and of course my popcorn addiction."
  • Rony Dcosta

    “Suo Tempore” everything will happen at its own time. And when my right time came, Desimartini.com happened in my life. Being a fan of Michael Jackson it feels good to be called MJ. I have been working in television for the past 15 years exploring the world of dubbing, production, promos and now writing. The big plan is to make movies. Have made 2 short films and written one feature script. Now I divide my time between watching movies, writing about movies and trying hard to earn my dal and chapati. In short I am a slave of Cinema & a student for life. In an ideal world I would only be travelling, listening to music, reading books, watching movies and making them.
  • Ameetbhuvan

    Enamored by the craft of Cinema, I am addicted to the motion picture and its myriad hues. The colours of my paintings speak a unique language of vibrancy and exuberance, something that also seeps into the characters I play on stage as a theater actor. A total foodie, I believe cinema and theater are the best diet for a healthy and thinking mind. A creative manager by profession and a traveler at heart, each day is a bright new beginning for me to make the most of it.
  • Neha

    Neha has a BA (Hons) in Journalism from LSR. She has over 4.5 years of expertise on Bollywood. She broke the story on Fredia Pinto being formally engaged to Rohan Antao followed by an interview with Rohan Antao saying he didnt know when Freida dumped him. The story was picked up by Daily Mail, UK. Also to her credit is an interview with Veena Malik in which she revealed Pakistani cricketer Mohd Asif's match fixing details and how he physically abused her. Neha also enjoys reading, travelling, writing poetry, and stays updated on matters relating to the army.
  • Robin

    Robin is a Hollywood buff! He broke the story of Julia Roberts travelling through India for Eat, Pray, Love; broke the story of pop singer Shakira’s performance for a business tycoon in Udaipur, posing as a bartender and even covered the Grammy’s in 2012 in LA. He's fond of collecting stamps and coins.
  • Sonal

    Author of bestseller and popular weekly column 'A Calmer You', but quite un-calm in real life; Mildly funny, mostly confused, and oh, The Editor of HT City!
  • Ankur Pathak

    A film enthusiast by default, pursuing film scholarship is what I'm aiming for. Because movies are not just my entertainment, they define who i am.
  • Minakshi

    Minakshi has a BA (Honours) from Kalindi College. She broke the story on Deepika dating Ranbir!
  • Navdeep

    Navdeep eats, sleeps and breathes Bollywood.