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Our Writers

  • Kanika Bhatia

    Kanika Bhatia
    Kanika graduated from Bard College, New York - a Liberal Arts school where she majored in Economics and Global & International Studies. After returning to India, she's been leading the content and social media team at Desimartini. She loves to spend her afternoons in theatres watching movies - hard at work, obviously! Outside work, you'll find (or not!) Kanika galavanting across India and the World with her favourite travel companion - her camera.
  • Aprajita Sharad

    Aprajita Sharad
    Aprajita is a new age philosopher or so she likes to call herself. Wandering through mountains and pondering about life is what you'll find her doing if she is not otherwise meditating. Big foodie with a heart bigger than her appetite for thai and chinese food, she likes to bring a smile to people's face and dreams of making a difference in the world through her writing one day.
  • Niyatee Sharma

    Niyatee is Maths graduate from Delhi University who fell in love with films after watching Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. If she's not busy watching movies, you'll find her in a kitchen, baking brownies and tarts or curled up on her hammock with a book! She's currently managing content and social media at Desimartini.
  • Divay Agarwal

    Although a graduate in commerce, Divay holds a degree for his Nautanki(Hons) from Delhi University! Being an Actor, a writer and a singer, he is full of dramebaazi. He dreams to become a great film-maker one day because Divay is all about the movies! His Life Motto- Be positive and keep smiling :)"
  • M. Sowmya

    Sowmya is an Engineer, Journalist and a movie buff; not particularly in that order. She loves her food, family and films ( in the same order) and when not working, spends most of her time (and money) in books( has enough to open a mini-library). Currently working as Content Specialist for Tamil and Telugu sections in Desimartini.
  • Vivek. S. Nambir

    A Bio-technologist by qualification, Vivek realized that entertainment industry is where he'd fit to the T. He fell for Bollywood with a million others, when Kaho Na Pyar Hai released. Since then, Hrithik has been his living God. Photography, dance and writing have been more than just hobbies to him. He loves to explore epics, mainly Mahabharata and considers himself a vampire (thanks to movies and awesome series). A complete people's person, you would find him online most of the time.If he's not, he'd rather be reading or riding his Enfield.
  • Neha

    Neha has a BA (Hons) in Journalism from LSR. She has over 4.5 years of expertise on Bollywood. She broke the story on Fredia Pinto being formally engaged to Rohan Antao followed by an interview with Rohan Antao saying he didnt know when Freida dumped him. The story was picked up by Daily Mail, UK. Also to her credit is an interview with Veena Malik in which she revealed Pakistani cricketer Mohd Asif's match fixing details and how he physically abused her. Neha also enjoys reading, travelling, writing poetry, and stays updated on matters relating to the army.
  • Robin

    Robin is a Hollywood buff! He broke the story of Julia Roberts travelling through India for Eat, Pray, Love; broke the story of pop singer Shakira’s performance for a business tycoon in Udaipur, posing as a bartender and even covered the Grammy’s in 2012 in LA. He's fond of collecting stamps and coins.
  • Sonal

    Author of bestseller and popular weekly column 'A Calmer You', but quite un-calm in real life; Mildly funny, mostly confused, and oh, The Editor of HT City!
  • Ankur Pathak

    A film enthusiast by default, pursuing film scholarship is what I'm aiming for. Because movies are not just my entertainment, they define who i am.
  • Minakshi

    Minakshi has a BA (Honours) from Kalindi College. She broke the story on Deepika dating Ranbir!
  • Navdeep

    Navdeep eats, sleeps and breathes Bollywood.
  • Ankit Banerjee

    Ankit Banerjee
    A nap enthusiast, recovering poet, Renaissance man and a grammarian by choice, Ankit provides you the best buffet in your suburb. The iconoclast is a movie-geek. He calls himself a fanatical movie critic and adds a heroic claim to be the defender of SRK movies, at all times. A psychopath in the University of Love, he can floor you with his unimaginable angles. In short, the MOVIE-JUICE.
  • Anurima

    There are only two things, she loves to do or rather she wants to do in life, i.e. writing and indulging in movies. Being a big time film-addict, she breathes films and cannot afford to miss even a single show. If not in a movie theatre or workplace, you will find her somewhere, getting drenched in the rain or lying on the grass and feeling the breeze.
  • Yatharth

    Having been born and brought up in a cinematically obsessed backdrop, Yatharth could hardly see himself living a methodical life. Studied science in school, chose journalism as a graduating yardstick, followed it up with filmmaking and scripting in masters, Cinema and Celluloid have been his constant companion. Yatharth has a moving style of writing free from a guided source. From the serenity of a city like Dehradun, composing music and teaching guitar has been a long lasting endeavour for him. He can’t seem to find himself comfortable writing in a ceased working atmosphere with confined limitations and scarce scope of creativity. Staunch on possibly all cinematic facts, he finds depressing to not know what a lovely world of cinema is. Politics come as a strong second for him followed by Cricket as closer third. Schooling from ICSE Board, graduation from IP and masters from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, he has a varied range of writing style. What would life be without Cinema!!! He wonders..
  • Yatin

    Eight years of playing professional tennis at the National level has given him an edge over other creative writers. He has faced his opponents mostly on the clay court. While he understands the game, he writes and reports on cinema and sports with the passion of an athlete and a writer. When out of court, he watches movies, reviews them, reads about sporting events, entertainment events and the film industry. Journalism gives him an opportunity to meet his favourite celebs occasionally. The writer and reporter in him impels him to give an analysis of all the happenings within the entertainment arena. Continue reading his space!
  • Monisha G Kumar

    Monisha G Kumar
    Monisha is a Literature graduate from Delhi University with a flair for writing. Born in God’s own country and raised in the capital, she is a trained classical dancer and a voracious reader too. A hardcore movie buff, she loves spending her weekends with latest releases. Apart from working, she indulges in travelling and stays in touch with nature.
  • Shefali Saxena

    Shefali Saxena
    Shefali is an MA in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Westminster, London and a Delhi University Alumna.A Hindi Cinema lover, she has been working as a Content Manager for Desimartini Movies since she came back from London.Shefali lives on Twitter as @Cinemalchemist. She's physically in India, mentally in London, and subconsciously writing and directing scripts in her mind.She's infectiously positive and a hopelessly hopeful person who believes in miracles. 
  • Sara Naqvi

    Sara Naqvi
    Imran Khan once complimented Sara that she has beautiful eyes, and she's sulks if you talk about it with her.Sara is a journalist and has been an ardent social worker for a long time.She's a Content Specialist at Desimartini Movies and every now and then surprises the team with her witty remarks. Born and brought up in Delhi, she's a complete Delhiite and a movie buff.
  • Deepali Arya

    Deepali Arya
    I am Deepali and I hail from the beautiful hills of Nainital. I am a graduate in Textile Design from NIFT. My interests lie in graphic designing, photography and fashion styling. I am a big foodie and I love dancing on peppy bollywood music. I am also a travel lover, especially hill stations and beaches!In short I'm a total bollywood girl!.