ABCD - Any Body Can Dance

ABCD - Any Body Can Dance
ABCD - Any Body Can Dance
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Verdict: ABCD is an entertaining film with incredible dance sequences, despite a formulaic story. Worth a watch.

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Plot: ABCD : A choreographer is thrown out of his dance institution. He meets his old friend and from there onwards they make their own team.

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5,748 Ratings
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17 Reviews

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ABCD - Any Body Can Dance
Smita Vyas Kumar Movie Jockey
328 351
77 3.5/5
I had twin biases while going for this movie. One, I love dance movies and two, I am a huge Prabhudeva fan. So, it was with great expectations th... read more
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Mihir Pawar Mihir Pawar Time-Passer
17 40
68 2.5/5
ABCD - Anybody Can Dance, whether you like it or not is definitely an attractive title, which catches your attention. Remo D'Souza, after his outr... read more
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Priti Poddar Priti Poddar Time-Passer
13 0
45 3.0/5
This movie is an absolute delight for modern dance enthusiasts. Hip hop, Locking & Popping, B-boying, Ballet, Contemporary etc. all are there i... read more
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Ravi Ravi Time-Passer
1 0
amazed Feb 10, 2013
41 4.0/5
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Vinu Iyer Vinu Iyer Fanboy
47 0
37 2.5/5
Any Body Can Dance - the first 3D dance film in India *ing the dancing superstar, Prabhu Deva... The entire promo hit the bulls eye and everyone wi... read more
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