Bin Bulaye Baraati

Bin Bulaye Baraati
Bin Bulaye Baraati
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Verdict: A silly script gets worse with an out-of-work cast. Even Mallika Sherawat & Shweta Tiwari’s item numbers don’t help in keeping the audiences glued to their seats. A must skip!

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Plot: Durjan Singh, a dangerous dacoit meets don Gajraj at a casino to sell his diamonds and jewels, and AD, who is on the run, takes away with the van full of dacoitss fortune. As lovers AD and Shreya are on the run, they come across , Murari, Hazari and Chita Singh, who are also on the run. The cat and mouse game of the chase results into chaotic pile-up at Madhavgarh Village.


Dhanraj Jethani


Comedy , Action , Crime

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6 Reviews

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Bin Bulaye Baraati
Ameet Bhuvan Movie Jockey
244 56
0 0.5/5
Bin Bulaye Baraati is the kind of film which works if expectations from it are below negative. For someone wanting a decent entertainer, this is no... read more
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The Lip Shandil The Lip Shandil Time-Passer
103 0
3 0.5/5
Without any doubt this babe Priyanka Kothari has got to be the most confused starlet floating around in Indian Cinema. She has changed her name thr... read more
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Kamal Kamal Time-Passer
1 0
Bin Bulaye Barati Dec 19, 2011
2 3.0/5
NIce movie
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Abhishek Abhishek Time-Passer
3 0
Bore movie Jul 2, 2011
2 2.5/5
Comic capers usually tread on a very thin line; they either make it big or completely discarded. And in the ever growing list of mad-cap entertaine... read more
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Abhishek Abhishek Time-Passer
2 0
bore film Jun 29, 2011
1 2.5/5
BIN BULAYE BARAATI boasts of having umpteen comedians, who have tickled our funny bones time and again. And having as many as three item numbers, i... read more
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