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Verdict: Venkat Prabhu's Biriyani is a cheesy entertainer with rich visuals. Karthi and Premji's performances are the major asset for the film. Watch it!!!!

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Plot: Studio Green presents "Biriyani" - an upcoming Tamil film written and directed by Venkat Prabhu. Starring Karthi, Hansika, Premji Amaren, Ramki, Nasser and others. Yuvan Shankar Raja's 100th Film.



Action , Comedy

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2,686 Ratings
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6 Reviews

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Raja Satish Movie Jockey
126 43
400 3.0/5
Director Venkat Prabhu has a rare distinction as a non-linear story-teller. Be it Saroja or Mankatha, he induced his trademark style in the narrati... read more
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Rajiv Menon Rajiv Menon Movie Jockey
142 41
A Starchy Meal Dec 20, 2013
130 3.0/5
Too many twists in a tale can sometime kill the fun for the viewers and it’s applicable to Biriyani, which definitely is better than Karthi&r... read more
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Prashanth M Prashanth M Movie Jockey
93 62
Tomato Rice Dec 24, 2013
66 2.0/5
It's been six years since Venkat Prabhu wrote and directed "Chennai 6000028", and he has went on to release four more films in that time. Most have... read more
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