Chhota Bheem

Chhota Bheem
Chhota Bheem
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Plot: Centuries ago, Damyaan a Sorcerer was granted a wish to be immortal by the "Book of "Magi" with a rider/curse that he would be confined to the city of Sonapur. To escape from this confinement and to unleash his dark arts over the world, Damyaan lures Raja Indravarma with a map with the directions of the City of Gold. Despite warning from gypsies, the Raja sets out to seek the treasures along with Chhota Bheem and friends. Once he gets there, he unknowingly sets Damyaan free who captures Chhota Bheem and his friends and puts them in a prison. In the prison, Bheem meets with Santrik who tells him that the only way Bheem can defeat Damyaan is to destroy him with the "Book of Magi".



Animation , Action

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6 Reviews

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Chhota Bheem
Rani Time-Passer
2 0

587 2.0/5
good mvoie
Find this review helpful? |
Neha Neha Time-Passer
5 0
chota bheem 1 year, 10 months ago
294 2.0/5
chota bheem good movie
Find this review helpful? |
Pankaj Pankaj Time-Passer
2 0
chota bheem May 24, 2012
200 2.0/5
good movie
Find this review helpful? |
Nena Nena Time-Passer
2 0
choota bheem Jun 4, 2012
185 2.0/5
This is very good movie
Find this review helpful? |
Lalit Mohan Rajput Lalit Mohan Rajput Time-Passer
2 0
good 1 year, 10 months ago
164 2.0/5
Find this review helpful? |

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