Dehraadun Diary

Dehraadun Diary
Dehraadun Diary
Desimartini Meter
96 Ratings
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Verdict: Dehraadun Diary is brought down by amateur filmmaking and cringeworthy acting. Skip it!

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Plot: Dehraadun Diary is a film about the strength in common man, the fury that loss lends you and fearlessness that come only with unconditional love.



Yatin Nandwani



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96 Ratings
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2 Reviews

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Dehraadun Diary
Inspector VIjay Movie Jockey
133 41
1 1.0/5
Every once in a while, there comes an experience when your work makes the beauty of a cinema hall feel like a torture chamber, when being a writer ... read more
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Vinay Vinay Time-Passer
1 0
movies Jan 9, 2013
0 2.0/5
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