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Gang of Ghosts

In theaters : March 21, 2014

Gang of Ghosts
Gang of Ghosts
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2.8/ 50 - 900 Ratings 1

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1.7/5 - 3 Ratings

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Verdict: Gang of Ghosts is not a patch on the original and adding Bollywood masala to it leaves the interesting concept in a mess. While it is funny at places, the script and the directing are big let-downs. Skip it.

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Plot: The grand old mansions and mills of South Mumbai are being razed to the ground to make way for swanky condominiums, malls and Multiplexes. Some of these dilapidated disputed buildings were haunted by Ghosts who had taken shelter there over centuries. They were evicted and are homeless today.There is no rehabilitation package on offer. Politicians, media, intellectuals, civic society- no one gives a dam to them. After all, Ghosts can't vote. Royal Mansion is one such heritage property which is rented out for film shoots to facilitate its maintenance. A heroine faints during a shooting allegedly sighting Ghost in a mirror. A filmmaker on a reconnaissance trip to the building gets to hear of a spooky story revolving around the house. 


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Gang of Ghosts
Ameet Bhuvan
Ameet Bhuvan Movie Jockey
Bhooter Bhobisyat, the original Bengali satire that forms the basis of Gangs of Ghost, was funny and rooted in a context all too familiar- the crum... read more
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