Go Goa Gone

Go Goa Gone
Go Goa Gone
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Verdict: Go Goa Gone is a particularly unique comedy with a fresh take on Goa, friendship and love. The introduction of Zombies into Bollywood couldn't have been better. Superb acting, a crisp script and hilarious dialogues make it a must watch.

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Runtime : 1 hour 56 min

Plot: Hardik and Luv are two dope heads who tag along to Goa with their best buddy, Bunny , on his business trip. Luv comes across a free-spirited girl, Luna who casually invites them to an exclusive underground rave party on a remote island! The party is the brainchild of the macho Russian Mafioso, Boris, to launch the ultimate party drug.But something is not right on this island! All of a sudden, they are accosted by zombies! Where did these zombies come from? And who is Boris really? And why has this cold-hearted drug-dealing don come to save their lives? Together they need to get the hell out of the infected island! But do they?

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716 Ratings
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18 Reviews

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Go Goa Gone
Aneela Zeb Babar Movie Jockey
91 64
25 4.0/5
There are movies I start developing proprietary airs about and I suspect Go Goa Gone is going to be one of them. For after two decades of suffering... read more
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Nikhil Arora Nikhil Arora Movie Jockey
192 290
12 4.0/5
  When you watch a film after the first weekend, the word is already out. How much ever you try you can’t escape everyone giving you the... read more
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Ameet Bhuvan Ameet Bhuvan Movie Jockey
244 55
11 3.0/5
Starting off with three oafs who have nothing going right for them in life, Go Goa Gone hits all the right notes. Sexually laden jokes, frustrated ... read more
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Rony D'costa Rony D'costa Movie Jockey
405 54
Deadly Funny May 11, 2013
7 3.5/5
Go Goa gone is touted as India’s first zom com (zombie comedy) but as far as I remember most of Ramsay’s ghosts were zombies. It’... read more
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Ankur Pathak Ankur Pathak Movie Jockey
117 28
7 4.0/5
A brom-com with zoms, Go Goa Gone is a maddening trip that’s unlike any trips Bollywood has previously taken. Kunal Khemu and Vir Das play Lu... read more
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