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Verdict: Gunday is a lengthy masala film with predictable plotting and heavy-handed styling. A one time watch only for the chemistry between the gundas - Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor.

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Runtime : 2 hours 32 min

Plot: When they ran to save their lives for the first time, they were mere 12-year-old boys, and the world called them ‘refugees’. The war of 1971 gave birth to a new country – Bangladesh. It also gave birth to two young orphans – Bikram and Bala. They witnessed the war and its aftermath, where the world tried to trample over them. Fighting for survival, they clung to each other and escaped to Calcutta. Before they knew the world, they knew each other. Such was their bond, such was their friendship.  Each time they sought new beginnings, each time they would rise, the world would crush them down. So, they fought again… and again. Together they were unbeatable. They were unstoppable. They were inseparable. In the years that passed, Bikram and Bala, became Calcutta’s most loved, most celebrated, most reckless, most fearless and most powerful GUNDAY! 



Aditya Chopra


Drama , Action , Romance , History

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20 Reviews

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Nikhil Arora Movie Jockey
192 292

900 2.0/5
Gunday begins with a melodramatic prologue which promises an overblown 80s masala film homage. Bikram and Bala are two kids who face the vagaries o... read more
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Aneela Zeb Babar Aneela Zeb Babar Movie Jockey
91 65
397 3.5/5
 GUNDEY borrows liberally from The Greatest Indian film. That iconic font for the film title, the train as central character, that motor bike ... read more
Find this review helpful? |
Rony D'costa Rony D'costa Movie Jockey
405 55
Slo Mo Munday Feb 16, 2014
268 2.0/5
Gunday took me back to my childhood. The films I grew up on.  Alas, I have grown out of such films unless a masala commercial film has the rig... read more
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Raja Sivaramakrishnan Raja Sivaramakrishnan Movie Jockey
14 4
261 2.0/5
Set in the 70's and 80's, Gunday is the story of two childhood friends, Bikram (Ranveer) and Bala (Arjun), who meet in the refugee camp in Banglade... read more
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Somesh Sinha Somesh Sinha Movie Jockey
30 31
260 3.0/5
Narrated by Irrfan Khan, the tale has its genesis during 1971 against the backdrop of Bangladesh Liberation War which established the sovereign rep... read more
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