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Verdict: Heartless has a novel idea but it doesn't translate into a well-written script. The film looks good but lacks two essential ingredients - heart and soul.

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Plot: Aditya has everything in his life - love and success. His life takes a turn when one day he gets a heart attack and goes for an emergency heart surgery. The film focuses on the medical phenomenon called anasthesia awareness, a condition where a patient cannot move his body, but can hear and understand all that's happening around him/her.



Alka Suman


Drama , Romance

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7 Reviews

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Mohit Patil Movie Jockey
73 26
130 1.5/5
Movies often show souls of dead people, looking semi-transparent and emitting a mild white light, looking at their own dead bodies, shocked that ... read more
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Somesh Sinha Somesh Sinha Movie Jockey
30 31
78 1.5/5
Hollywood is teemed with medical thrillers. Corresponding example is Awake, a 2007 American film written and directed by Joby Harold, showcasing th... read more
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