Hora Hori

Hora Hori

2.6 214 Ratings

Directed by : Teja

Release Date : | Length : 159 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 1.9/5
  • MJ Rating 1.3/5
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Hora Hori is a Telugu film starring debutante artists Daksha and Dileep in the lead roles.


“Hora Hori is another one of those poorly directed love stories.”

Hora Hori Credit & Casting

Daksha Nagarkar


Hora Hori Audience Review

Outdated and senseless!

| by Krishna Sripada |
Rated 1.0 / 5
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Teja has given us some brilliant love stories in the past, like Jayam. He has made underdog movies like Nijam too, which were critically acclaimed. However, what we see here is not the craft of a man capable of brilliant movies but a man who has somehow rusted after a reasonable gap and hasn't moved ahead with the times. The single most interesting point about the movie is that it was shot in Agumbe in Karnataka, one of the rainiest places on the planet, verdant and beautiful. That people are used to the rain is shown from the fact that they get on with their work even in those rains like it is no different. A rain machine was used giving the impression of consistent rain and adding an interesting touch to the look and feel of the movie. The movie itself is pretty weird.

Starring Dileep, Daksha and Chaswa, the movie starts with a villain obsessed with a girl. He kills her suitors, interestingly starting from the one who is shot by the priest himself in the middle of the marriage. She goes off into a trauma and her brother, who is rich and powerful, being a cop, instead of doing something pro-active or at least sending her to USA, where she would be much safer, hides her in Agumbe with a relative. Those relatives to bring back some normalcy to her life join her in a newly opened internet cafe center. You heard me right. That internet cafe center is in competition with another from a nearby village as they had an agreement that one village will have a press printing company and another will have an internet cafe. Our heroine becomes their saving grace as the competition is around which internet cafe can train their students to type faster. Yes, your heard me right again. Meanwhile, the mini villain at Agumbe, the union leader is at loggerheads with another goon, who is a friend of the guy originally obsessed with the heroine. You are getting the drift right?

The movie's story is thoroughly outdated, even if it is set in a village. Secondly, barring Chaswa who seemed like a reasonable actor, eveyerone else had serious trouble emoting, making the whole movie look amateurish. While cinematography of the movie is done well, you wished some greener scenes were set instead of the gloomy look that was used for a greater chunk of the movie. There is no chemistry at all in the entire first half between the hero or heroine, Skanda, the hero, riding an Indian cruiser, constantly and pretentiously talking about how he needs to earn money to repay his uncle who is still harassing his aunt for dowry. Pretty weird, huh? All in all, Hora Hori is scratchy and at most points senseless, with the comedy plot of a janitor showing off in the village as a computer expert, hardly working.You can give this one a miss for sure!


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