Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke

In theaters : May 24, 2013

Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke
DM rating:

1.8/5 - 1,884 Ratings

Critic rating:

1.5/5 - 3 Ratings

Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke (2013) - Bollywood Movie - Ratings, Reviews, Cast, Story -

Verdict: Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke has a bad plot with shoddy acting. Give this one a miss.

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Plot: Hum Hai Raahi CAR Ke is a hilarious cross between a rom-com and a buddy movie. The film is the story of two best friends who on one New Year's night decide to travel from Mumbai to Pune.



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1.0Rich daddy come to me & I shall find you a good project to invest in
Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke
Inspector VIjay
Inspector VIjay Movie Jockey
Last night, I had an interesting choice to make, as I had 2 screenings from which to attend one. The first was the star-studded premiere of Priety ... read more
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Trailer - Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke
Trailer - Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke

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