Ishk Actually

Ishk Actually
Ishk Actually
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Verdict: Ishk Actually offers nothing except bad content with hardly anything to salvage this debacle. Skip it.

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Plot: Gia is at a crossroads in her life, with the arrows pointing towards Neil in one direction and Kabir in the opposite direction. She grapples with making a decision as she's torn between the two worlds that she's been living in. Love is the unanswered emotion that leads to a series of life altering situations . Amazed at life’s sense of timing, she treads along a path that she believes will lead to her true love.



Sunny Sharma



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849 Ratings
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Ishk Actually
Inspector VIjay Movie Jockey
133 41
246 1.0/5
When Aamir released, I was thrilled to bits to see a guy who made an unconventional debut, killed it & went to media about how he doesnt want t... read more
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