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Verdict: Issaq is a shoddy adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Good visuals don't make up for a badly executed film with uninspired performances. Skip it.

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Plot: Issaq is an original Indian adaptation of William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet set in Banaras. The battle-hardened and pleasure-seeking Rahul and romantic yet head strong Bachchi fall in love. Disregarding the consequences, the young lovers choose go ahead with the dictats of their hearts. What follows is a high octane action-filled drama. Manish Tiwary's Issaq turns into a commentary on the meaning of love in contemporary India!

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9 Reviews

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Raja Satish Movie Jockey
126 44
103 1.5/5
Baz Luhrman made a near perfect Romeo + Juliet in the 90s. After that, every film that treaded the Shakespearan path of love can be traced back to ... read more
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Aneela Zeb Babar Aneela Zeb Babar Movie Jockey
91 65
Romeo MUST Die! Jul 27, 2013
10 1.0/5, I really do want to understand more about the herbs the characters are allegedly smoking. If they were at the oregano, basil level one coul... read more
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