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Jannat 2

In theaters : May 04, 2012

Jannat 2
Jannat 2
DM rating:

3.1/ 50 - 4,215 Ratings 19

Critic rating:

2.5/5 - 4 Ratings

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Verdict: With an absorbing storyline, witty dialogues and a few decent performances, Jannat 2 enthralls the audience but only in parts. The script has a few loopholes which restrict this film from going beyond a one-time-watch!

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Plot: It is the story of gun trader and a fearless cop. Sonu, who is a street-smart gun seller, does everything to find his heaven. But this, in turn, creates a hell for everyone around him. ACP Pratap is a daring and a fear ridden cop who has a hatred for the gun nexus and is willing to do everything to destroy its roots. With Pratap, Sonu breaks away from gun trade and does something extraordinary to make things better for the community. But along his journey, Sonu falls in love with Dr. Jhanvi and this is when the lives of all three of them take a complete turn.


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Jannat 2
Rony D'costa
Rony D'costa Movie Jockey
The censor board seems to have allowed only one gaali to the makers of Jannat 2 and that is BhenC*&^%. They must have told them to use it where... read more
Yusuf Poonawala
Yusuf Poonawala Movie Jockey
J2May 5, 2012
As the name suggests, the film though released as a part of a franchisee, is not a sequel to the 2008 Jannat. What the Bhatts have successfully man... read more
Ankur Pathak
Ankur Pathak Movie Jockey
You have to give one thing to the Bhatts. Theyve rarely been applauded for absolute originality but the themes that they choose; in each of their s... read more
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Jannat 2 - First Look Trailer
Jannat 2 - First Look Trailer

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