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6 Reviews

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Behindwoods Behindwoods
55 1
0 1.5/5
Prabhu Raja Cholan, a former associate of director Shankar, has earned his first opportunity to be a storyteller through Karupampatti. read more
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M Suganth M Suganth
8 0
0 2.0/5
 A young man returns to India from Paris hoping to bring together every one of his family members who were forced to leave their ancestral vil... read more
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KollywoodToday KollywoodToday
17 1
0 2.0/5
He has set the film in a vast time frame, ranging from 1980 to 2011, a period of great technological and social changes in the world. But given tha... read more
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30 0
0 2.5/5
 Even though the film addresses a commonly discussed theme in cinema, yet it manages to strike a chord with one and all thanks to an overall e... read more
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OneIndia OneIndia
72 2
0 2.5/5
Inspired from real events and a newspaper article, debut director Prabhu's Karuppampatti, a story about a man's search for his familial roots, is s... read more
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