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Khichdi - The Movie

In theaters : October 01, 2010

Khichdi - The Movie
Khichdi - The Movie
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3.1/ 50 - 422 Ratings 8

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Verdict: If you loved the TV show, you will LOVE the movie. Full of laughs! However, if you aren't a fan of brainless comedies, give this one a skip.

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Plot: Himanshus one ambition is to have a legendary love story. Parminder, falls in love with him and they get engaged. Himanshu realizes on the eve of the wedding that the impending ceremony would mean impending doom to his desire to have a legendary love story. No resistance, no conflict, no separation, no sad song, no climax nothing. So our gifted family sets out to stall the wedding! Then begins the journey to create all those missing stages in Himanshu's love story in order to make it legendary.


8 Reviews

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Khichdi - The Movie
Payal Khanna
Payal Khanna Movie Jockey
"Ek bhangar Love Story..." We all know about Khichdi very well! This show travelled long way on small screen and now for the first time you all ca... read more
Rony D'costa
Rony D'costa Movie Jockey
Tabla Tod ComedyOct 1, 2010
Jab ghar pe baith ke free mein tv pe dekhne milta hai toh paise dekar theatre kyun jaaye I wont be surprised to hear something like this if I ask s... read more
Rhea Srivastava
The common practise of the West of adapting television programs into feature films, hits India as well. The first and latest film adaptation to joi... read more
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