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Verdict: Lanka does have a few appreciable performances but a confusing script and bad music make it look dragged and even boring at times. Watch it at your own risk!

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Plot: Lanka is a journey of a man torn between the loyalty and empathy; a journey of a modern-day 'Asur' (Devil) who chooses to be a man; a journey of a man who was termed a traitor by some and a righteous man by others. Modern-day folklore Lanka is about love, loyalty, betrayal and justice.



Vikram Bhatt


Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller

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5 Reviews

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Smita Vyas Kumar Movie Jockey
328 350
0 2.0/5
Lanka makes for tedious watching. The story premise is interesting enough. In small towns of India apparently local goons and politicians take on w... read more
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Payal Khanna Payal Khanna Movie Jockey
115 0
0 2.0/5
Maqbool Khan does his debut with Lanka and surely does a promising job. Story is shows a vulnerable relation between Ravan and Vibhishan, where a p... read more
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Sonika Pant Mishra Sonika Pant Mishra Weekender
13 1
1 5.0/5
lanka make a wonderful day
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Neeraj Neeraj Time-Passer
2 0
Lanka Apr 8, 2012
0 2.0/5
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Abhishek Abhishek Time-Passer
1 0
Average movie Dec 14, 2011
0 2.5/5
Good performances but weaker story & music made the film average.
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