Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful
Life Is Beautiful
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Verdict: Good acting and pleasant music don't cover up the boring screenplay and make Life is Beautiful an average one time watch.

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Plot: Life Is Beautiful is a coming of age story of six youngsters, set in the beautiful nostalgic world of a working-middle class neighborhood. The film tracks their journey through the different seasons, festivals, romances, street cricket, colony fights, and family gatherings. With the beginning of responsibilities, and adulthood looming around the corner, their dreams and aspirations bring them all together, to make the whole experience magical.



Sekhar Kammula



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4,872 Ratings
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7 Reviews

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Life Is Beautiful
Padma Priya Movie Jockey
32 2
11 3.0/5
Caveat 1 : For those who are awaiting Amala Akkineni's return to the screen after two decades.... it is a miniscule role.Caveat 2 : For those who a... read more
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Rajiv Menon Rajiv Menon Movie Jockey
143 41
6 2.0/5
Sekhar recreates Happy Days magic in a colony with similar characters only to leave the audience in utter disappointment. What you see in Life is B... read more
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Abhi Abhi Time-Passer
1 0
gd Oct 14, 2012
16 2.5/5
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