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Verdict: Lincoln's masterful directing and scripting with a phenomenal performance by Daniel Day Lewis makes it an immersive experience. A must watch.

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Plot: During President Lincolns tumultuous final months in office, he pursues a course of action to end the Civil War, unite the country and abolish slavery.

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13 Reviews

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Nikhil Arora Movie Jockey
192 287
3 5.0/5
Here is a caveat to anyone planning to watch this film. The film is not a biopic on the entire life of Abraham Lincoln or about the Civil War. It i... read more
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Prashanth M Prashanth M Movie Jockey
93 62
0 4.5/5
In the film's opening scene, a black soldier comes up to Lincoln and respectfully asks for equality for his race. He hopes: "in a few years pe... read more
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Rony D'costa Rony D'costa Movie Jockey
404 53
0 3.5/5
If like me you do not understand politics Lincoln can be very taxing on your mind. If you keep aside the politics of it and focus on the man benea... read more
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Priti Poddar Priti Poddar Time-Passer
13 0
Lincoln Feb 10, 2013
1 4.0/5
This movie is a part documentary on one of the finest politicians of the world by one of the finest movie directors of the world. What do you expec... read more
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Varun Singh Varun Singh Time-Passer
7 0
0 4.5/5
Steven Spielberg revisits an era and replicates a world when politics used to be graceful, objective, purposeful, driven and healthily humorous too... read more
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