Love Cycle

Love Cycle
Love Cycle
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Romance , Comedy

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97 Ratings
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3 Reviews

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123Telugu 123Telugu
59 2
3 2.0/5
Spoiler Alert!
aranya(Reshma) works for a fashion magazine and always writes interesting articles on love. One day she decides to write a controversial article on... read more
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Times of India Times of India
58 1
Love Cycle Review May 20, 2013
1 1.0/5
Spoiler Alert!
ow budget romantic comedies in Tollywood have some of the most logic defying premises. This movie we have the pair who have two different points to... read more
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SuperGoodMovies SuperGoodMovies
43 0
1 2.0/5
Spoiler Alert!
Saranya (Reshma) works for a fashion publication. She is for all time writes attention-grabbing articles on love and affection. One fine day she is... read more
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