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Madras Cafe

In theaters : August 23, 2013 Runtime : 2 hours 10 min

Madras Cafe
2 hours 10 minhttp://images.desimartini.com/media/main/movie_poster_detail/7ff1cde1-ca56-463f-b503-24359c2aed27.jpg
Madras Cafe
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3.5/ 50 - 3,666 Ratings 13

Critic rating:

3.4/5 - 9 Ratings

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Verdict: Madras Cafe is a well-made film with good performances. The gripping second half makes up for the sluggish first half. Watch it for a riveting history lesson mixed with intense drama.

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Plot: An Indian Intelligence agent (played by John Abraham) journeys into a war torn coastal island, to break a resolute rebel group. He deftly maneuvers his resources to make significant breakthroughs, amidst a scenario where the enemy has no face and the only counsel is ‘don’t get caught’. At various junctions he meets a charismatic and passionate journalist (played by Nargis Fakhri) who is following her will to reflect the truth behind the civil war. The story unfolds as their quest for the truth reveals a deeper conspiracy, by a faceless enemy, united to seize a common nemesis – India


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Madras Cafe
Aneela Zeb Babar
Aneela Zeb Babar Movie Jockey
Such a long journey, Mr Abraham. A journalist in post-Taliban Afghanistan. An American Muslim in post-9/11 New York. And now a RAW agent in the mon... read more
Smita Vyas Kumar
Smita Vyas Kumar Movie Jockey
One of the big rules of storytelling is 'Show, don't tell'.  Normally, this advice is given to writers. Maybe, Shoojit Sircar would have done ... read more
Nikhil Arora
Nikhil Arora Movie Jockey
Fragile TensionAug 22, 2013
Madras Café is a political docu-drama. This is a euphemism for films, which have a thin story and rely more on real events and its dramatiza... read more
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