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In theaters : May 10, 2014 Runtime : 1 hour 40 min

1 hour 40 minhttp://images.desimartini.com/media/main/movie_poster_detail/70a0f301-0e51-4052-8d63-aedd5fe42991.jpg
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2.9/ 50 - 2,048 Ratings 3

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2.2/5 - 5 Ratings

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Verdict: Mastram is a fictional biography of a porn writer which doesn't explore its potential well. The film is not that mast due to the underwhelming narrative but can be seen once for the inspired performances.

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Plot: Rajaram, a bank clerk in a small town, dreams of traveling to Delhi and becoming a reputed writer. No one takes his litterateur aspirations seriously, least of all his uncle, who marries him off to the beautiful Renu. Although a simpleton, Renu wholeheartedly supports her husband’s ambition. Edged on by her encouragement, Rajaram starts stealing writing time from his humdrum work routine, and is eventually forced to leave his job, when his boss publicly humiliates him, and derides his fancy aspirations.To his utter surprise and delight, Renu unstintingly supports his decision, and starts doing odd jobs from home, while Rajaram begins to focus completely on his writing. But, being a stay-at-home writer doesn’t go down too well with prying neighbors, who are quick to pass judgment on other peoples’ lives. Rajaram becomes a butt of all jokes in the neighborhood.Turning a deaf ear to the all the snubs, Rajaram starts in earnest to show his work to several publishers. Each time he is rebuked. They tell him he should stick to writing text book material, and give up fanciful ideas of writing a novel. Finally, Rajaram encounters a fledgling publisher duo – Purohit and his brother-in-law, Bharti. They agree to publish Rajaram’s story about the plight of a small town girl. However, there is one hitch. Rajaram would have to add some necessary sensational elements to his dull tale – some `masala’, as they refer to euphemistically. 


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Ameet Bhuvan
Ameet Bhuvan Movie Jockey
Mastram the film left me confused. The books which were popular much before I would have been interested in them, were gripping nonetheless when I ... read more
Maulin Parmar
mAstram‬ :The concept is totally new to make a film on porn writing. Director is Abhishek Jaiswal, who is clear about his vision of his product. Le... read more
Kiran Kesarkar
Kiran Kesarkar Time-Passer
It gets boring...May 16, 2014
Mastram starts off very well but later on it gets boring........ Its better to watch the clips that are already on youtube. Few dialogues are cleve... read more
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Mastram Official Trailer
Mastram Official Trailer

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