Mere Dad Ki Maruti

Mere Dad Ki Maruti
Mere Dad Ki Maruti
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Verdict: Mere Dad Ki Maruti is light-hearted fun which works due to the comic timing of the actors. One time watch.

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Plot: An outrageous comedy set against the backdrop of a loud Punjabi wedding in Chandigarh, MDKM tells the story of a boy who sneaks his dad's fancy new car out to impress the college hottie and how all hell breaks loose when he loses it!



Ashish Patil


Drama , Comedy

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462 Ratings
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13 Reviews

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Mere Dad Ki Maruti
Nikhil Arora Movie Jockey
191 285
38 3.0/5
  Mere Dad Ki Maruti is such unpretentious fun; it would be hard to dislike it. The plot is as lightweight as it could get, probably belongs i... read more
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Smita Vyas Kumar Smita Vyas Kumar Movie Jockey
326 348
A zippy, fun ride Mar 15, 2013
7 3.5/5
Mere dad ki Maruti is a fun, fast paced movie starring an actor I really, really liked in his first film, Mujhse Fraandship Karoge-Saquib Salim. H... read more
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Kunal Kunal Time-Passer
32 7
A joyable ride Mar 15, 2013
13 3.5/5
MDKM is a feel good movie which has a bit weak story but the film manages to do well.Ram kapoor has done a remarkable performance by playing dad in... read more
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Sweta Nandini Sweta Nandini Time-Passer
7 0
8 3.0/5
Mere dad ki Maruti is directorial debut of Ashima Chibber under the banner of Yash Raj films and is sure to entertain you with at least one of its ... read more
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Vinu Iyer Vinu Iyer Fanboy
45 0
7 3.0/5
The promos have made it evident that this is a Hindi movie with a Punjabi flavor. Typical scene that we have seen in movies like Monsoon Wedding, T... read more
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