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Mother India

In theaters : February 14, 1957 Runtime : 2 hours 52 min

Mother India
2 hours 52 minhttp://images.desimartini.com/media/main/movie_poster_detail/2508c655-5056-4e79-8d5f-5e0fd95e010d.jpg
Mother India
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3.8/ 50 - 92 Ratings 1

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Plot:It is the tale that is constantly repeated in real life. When Radha was married, her mother-in-law borrowed five hundred rupees from the village money-lender, Sukhilala. The payment plan was simple: each year, Sukhilala would get one-fourth of the crop they grew. That was what Radha's mother-in-law thought was the deal. Sukhilala had actually ta... more

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Mehboob Khan



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Mother India
Kapil Marwah
Kapil Marwah Time-Passer
This Movie is just like MotherWe cant have another movie like this & so is Mother Maa Ek baar Milti Hain, Dobaraa Nahin & Jisko Maa ka pyaa... read more
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