Naayak (Nayak)

Naayak (Nayak)
Naayak (Nayak)
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Verdict: Naayak is an entertainer for the masses. The screenplay and Ram Charan Teja's performance make it a one time watch despite Vinayak's repetition of ideas.

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Plot: The film revolves around a boy who fights hard to fulfill his fathers ambition. Ram Charan Teja would play a dual role in the film for the first time in his career



D. V. V. Danayya


Action , Romance , Comedy , Family

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2,688 Ratings
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8 Reviews

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Naayak (Nayak)
Raja Satish Movie Jockey
126 44
54 2.5/5
The magnificent number SEVEN has taken the world by storm since time immemorial. Seven wonders, Seven notes (sapta swaras), Seven deadly sins, Seve... read more
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Padma Priya Padma Priya Movie Jockey
32 2
Naayak Jan 10, 2013
26 2.0/5
Remarkable how NOTHING NEW is attempted by big budget movie- makers!! The same old 'porridge' is regurgitated and spat out at audiences !!Fight s... read more
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Rohit Penumatsa Rohit Penumatsa Movie Jockey
60 37
Nayak Jan 9, 2013
10 2.0/5
V.V.Vinayak has always been the go to template (zero original content) director. One should really know what to expect based on the reputation. Do... read more
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Harshal Patala Harshal Patala Time-Passer
1 0
naayak Jan 27, 2013
30 5.0/5
an awesome movie with awesome comedy,action and story.The story is charan aka cherry(ram charan)who is an software engineer at cgtrix and an happy ... read more
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Ajshamika Ajshamika Time-Passer
2 0
publish Feb 5, 2013
17 3.0/5
"\t\r"\t\t\r"\t\r"\t\r"\t\t\r"\t\t\t\r"\t\t\t\tEnjoy English Movies, Hindi Movies, Malayalam Movies, Telugu Movies and so much more. No wonder it's... read more
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