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Naayak (Nayak)

In theaters : January 09, 2013

Naayak (Nayak)
Naayak (Nayak)
DM rating:

3.0/ 50 - 3,092 Ratings 5

Critic rating:

3.3/5 - 3 Ratings

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Verdict: Naayak is an entertainer for the masses. The screenplay and Ram Charan Teja's performance make it a one time watch despite Vinayak's repetition of ideas.

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Plot: The film revolves around a boy who fights hard to fulfill his fathers ambition. Ram Charan Teja would play a dual role in the film for the first time in his career


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Naayak (Nayak)
Raja Satish
Raja Satish Movie Jockey
The magnificent number SEVEN has taken the world by storm since time immemorial. Seven wonders, Seven notes (sapta swaras), Seven deadly sins, Seve... read more
Padma Priya
Padma Priya Movie Jockey
NaayakJan 10, 2013
Remarkable how NOTHING NEW is attempted by big budget movie- makers!! The same old 'porridge' is regurgitated and spat out at audiences !!Fight s... read more
Rohit Penumatsa
Rohit Penumatsa Movie Jockey
NayakJan 9, 2013
V.V.Vinayak has always been the go to template (zero original content) director. One should really know what to expect based on the reputation. Do... read more
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