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Plot: The story starts with two friends, who on getting a clue of the whereabouts of their college friend, start a quest to find him. The same missing friend had once helped these two in realizing their actual dreams even when their own families were against. Unlike other students, who come to college to get a good job, this guy believed in learning and excelling in whatever he does. He even challenges the teaching system at times which is not appreciated by his college principal.



Raju Easwaran


Drama , Romance , Comedy

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2,133 Ratings
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2 Reviews

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Baranidharan Sivasankaran Movie Jockey
38 0
19 4.0/5
3 Idiots which took the Bollywood box-office by storm a while back has been re-christened and remade as Nanban and it was directed by none other th... read more
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Arvindh Arvindh Movie Jockey
38 0
17 2.5/5
'3 Idiots' was a simple thought presented with great emotional depth and grandeur and hence was super successful. It was one of the most-liked film... read more
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