Nautanki Saala

Nautanki Saala
Nautanki Saala
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Verdict: Nautanki Saala is funny in parts and has good music but the thin story meanders due to loose editing.

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Plot: Ram Parmar one night meets Mandar Lele who is troubled and lonely. It is the story of their bonding and friendship set in the backdrop of theatre.




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265 Ratings
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16 Reviews

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Nautanki Saala
Smita Vyas Kumar Movie Jockey
328 350
13 3.0/5
I was looking forward to Nautanki Saala. One, the trailers looked good and two, it is `aysuhman Khurana’s second movie after the superb Vic... read more
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Rony D'costa Rony D'costa Movie Jockey
404 53
10 3.0/5
When a 2 hour film feels like a 3 hour film you know there is a problem somewhere.  Nautanki Saala is one of those films which tries hard to i... read more
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Mmmarwah Mmmarwah Movie Jockey
70 2
5 2.5/5
A litmus test to find out if a film is interesting is to check after how long you look away from the screen to something else . In a really grippi... read more
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Manas Kapoor Manas Kapoor Time-Passer
1 0
8 2.0/5
'Dum Maaro Dum', 'Bluffmaster', 'Taxi No. 9211' – one associates something good with these movies and hence sets a decent expectation level a... read more
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Pranay Wangdi Moktan Pranay Wangdi Moktan Cinemaniac
14 4
7 3.0/5
Nautanki sala is no extraordinaire like Aayushman's debut 'Vicky donor' but its a good watch anyway. Kunal Roy kapoor plays a "wounded in love" cha... read more
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