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Verdict: Although Okkadine has an interesting subject yet it fails to keep up due to its predictable story, bad screenplay and poor performances. Skip it.

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C V Reddy


Action , Romance

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3 Reviews

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Times of India Times of India
59 1
1 2.0/5
Movie Review: Shailaja (Nithya Menon) comes from abroad and is looking forward to spending time with her father Shivaji Rao (Sai Kumar), a philanth... read more
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SuperGoodMovies SuperGoodMovies
43 0
0 2.0/5
Nara Rohit, Nithya Menon’s  Okkadine released today. Valentine’s Day special they released this movie. Coming to the movie story... read more
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Radhika Rajamani Radhika Rajamani
19 0
0 1.5/5
Director Srinivas Raga seems to have a fascination for mysteries and thrillers. His film Katha was on those lines. In his latest release, Okkadine,... read more
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