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Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!

In theaters : August 15, 2013 Runtime : 2 hours 40 min

Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!
2 hours 40 minhttp://images.desimartini.com/media/main/movie_poster_detail/d12f2ba1-406c-4419-8294-6fd1c470aa57.jpg
Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!
DM rating:

2.6/ 50 - 6,838 Ratings 17

Critic rating:

2.1/5 - 8 Ratings

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara (2) - Movie Reviews Rating, Story, Songs - Desimartini.com

Verdict: Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara is enjoyable in parts but due to bad writing it doesn't match up to the entertainment offered by its prequel. One time watch for Akshay Kumar fans!

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Plot: Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara is the story of an underworld don, Shohaib. He often visits the poor Muslim areas where he grew up and it is on one such visit that he meets Aslam. He takes him under his wings and gradually Aslam becomes one of his favourites. Shohaib wants to gain full control over Bombay and this is met with resistance from two existing ganglords - Vardha and Arun. Vardha and Arun join hands with a cop – Sreenu, whose only purpose in life is finishing off Shohaib’s reign, for which he gladly joins hands with the ganglords.  While Bombay continues to be the object of their fancy, Shohaib stumbles upon a young actress - Jasmine. He is immediately taken in by her freshness, beauty and candor. Slowly, but surely his attraction towards Jasmine goes onto becoming an obsession. This creates a rift between Shoaib and Aslam and results in the ultimate showdown between the mentor & protégé. 


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Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!
Nikhil Arora
Nikhil Arora Movie Jockey
Sometimes you walk out of a film and you can clearly tell if it will flop. Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara! will definitely fall flat on its fa... read more
Aneela Zeb Babar
Aneela Zeb Babar Movie Jockey
So folks who were missing their fix of the dialogue pe dialogue, Mumbai ka badshah kaun routine— that particular audience for whom Shootout A... read more
Inspector VIjay
Inspector VIjay Movie Jockey
If dialogues like, "taare dekhne ka bahaut shaukh hai na, aa mein tujhe sitara banata hoon" used in normal conversation are up your alley, read fur... read more
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