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Verdict: Paisa has an interesting plot but fumbles due to weak execution. A powerhouse performance from Nani is the only saving grace in this film. Watch it at your own risk!

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Runtime : 2 hours 23 min

Plot: Paisa movie deals with the power of money and how the whole world revolves around it. This movie has Krishna Vamsi's hard-hitting, realistic narration and deals with the present political corruption with many real incidents as inspiration for the story.



Ramesh Puppala


Romance , Comedy , Crime

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6 Reviews

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Rohit Penumatsa Movie Jockey
60 37
175 2.0/5
Not as talked about as RGV’s but Krishna Vamsi's descent into the restless madness is an equally interesting story. A super excitin... read more
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rahulramakri Movie Jockey
13 3
101 3.0/5
One should acknowledge director Krishna Vamsi's effort to show us an insight  into Hyderabad as a city which is much more than just Charminar ... read more
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