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Poorna marks the second directorial outing for Rahul Bose who conveys the story of an 8 year old girl becoming the youngest ever to climb Mt. Everest. The film also stars Rahul Bose in an important role while Aditi Inamdar plays the young girl.


“Poorna is a story that needed to be told & it does fair justice to the subject!”

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Rahul Bose


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Poorna-the 'power girl'.

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The movie under review is about the first girl who climbed Mount Everest in 2014 when she was only 13 years of age.
The plot _ Dr Praveen Kumar ( Rahul Bose) ,an IPS officer in the Andhra Pradesh cadre,voluntarily offers his services to depute in the social welfare department( a punishment posting for many).The CM of the state okayes it.On joining the department he comes into contact with the family members of those belonging to the under priveledged sections.Motivates them to send their children to school.The parents of Poorna Malavathi( Aditi Inamdar),who are Adivasis ,are planning to marry their daughter as soon as possible.As a transition,they admit her to a co-ed boarding school.Besides formal education ,the school management under the mentorship of Praveen Kumar,desire to involve students into extra curricular activities as well.Rock climbing is the initial activity chosen.The top ten are short listed for advanced training at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling.The final list of two( a boy and a girl,Poorna) is targeted for climbing the tallest peak on earth.
The first half is devoted to the hardships faced by the under priveledged children in schooling ,the higher drop out rate of the girl child because of being pushed into marriages and motivating all to remain in the formal stream.The second half devotes to the training at HMA and the final push to the targeted peak.
Where does the movie scores? Poorna is low on budget but high on it's production values- schooling and caring for all,more so the girl child( who is neglected even in well off families),personality development ,the gainful employment of children,discouraging the parents from marrying their daughters during schooling,encouraging government departments to serve in social welfare boards and reducing corruption in the name of ' social wefare'.
The all round performances are real,none acts.The spoken words are simple.Rahul Bose shows sincerety of purpose both in presentation and his own mentorship.Cameos by S Mariya( as Priya,the older cousin sis of Poorna,who herself is a child bride),Dhritiman Chatterjee and Herbs Shah( the two bureaucrats who are sceptical about Praveen Kumar's Op- Everest dream project,the former calling it as a Slumdog Mountaineers),Arif Zakaria( as Col.Khan,motivational head of HMA) are apt.Kudos to the CM of AP to clearing the project Op- Everest.
Apt one liners-' In climbing individuals are not the winners and losers ,it's the entire team which wins or looses';'never say no whenever an opportunity to shine beckons you'; ' sometimes we make choices,sometimes choices make us'.
Scene stealers' - Poorna turning up in track suit when requiring her to serve tea to her would be child husband and his parents in her hut.Poorna nursing her deceased sis's daughter .The rousing welcome received by Poorna at the Shamsha Bad airport in Hyderabad in the climax.
Where the movie scores low? Surprisingly no Sherpas accompany the duo of Everest climbers.The thrill element in such expeditions is missing.An avalanche and the breathing hiccup at the summit camp of Poorna is not enough.
All in all,Poorna is inspirational.Children could watch it with their parents.It's tax exempt.

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