In theaters : November 15, 2013

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2.2/5 - 1,521 Ratings

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1.5/5 - 7 Ratings

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Verdict: Rajjo has a patchy story with an outdated treatment and weak performances. Skip it.

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Plot: Primarily a love story, it also looks into the issue of the mujra houses that are dying a slow death in today's competitive world of high rises and corruption. There was a time when areas like Mumbai Central and Nagpada were known for kothewallis and their kothas. Slowly and steadily they are all disappearing in the midst of a heart-wrenching romantic plot.


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1.5 Kangana Ranaut is the kanwal ka phool in the putrid pool
Aneela Zeb Babar
Aneela Zeb Babar Movie Jockey
107 80
Rajjo was supposed to be a breath of fresh air but for a while it refused to rebel from the Baaghi model. Opening shot acknowledges all the stereot... read more
1.5 A confused storyline and bad direction make this a mediocre movie. Avoid.
Smita Vyas Kumar
Smita Vyas Kumar Movie Jockey
346 371
Rajjo ka flop Raj Nov 18, 2013
Rajjo is a movie with a confused personality. Does it want to be a love story between a young boy and a prostitute? Does it want to be about the da... read more
1.0 An ode to the worst era Bollywood has had...and thats not a good thing!
Inspector VIjay
Inspector VIjay Movie Jockey
147 46
Lets cut to the chase. If you have reached this page & want to watch Rajjo, I am concerned for you. Yes, its got Kangana Ranaut & her gyrat... read more
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Rajjo - Theatrical Trailer 2
Rajjo - Theatrical Trailer 2
Rajjo - Theatrical Trailer
Rajjo - Theatrical Trailer

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