Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Ramaiya Vastavaiya
Ramaiya Vastavaiya
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Verdict: Ramaiya Vastavaiya has a run-of-the-mill story which doesn't entertain or amuse. The romance is unoriginal and the masala is bland. Skip it.

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Plot: Ram always introduces himself as badmaash, bigda hua and badtameez! Being the only child of Australia based billionaire couple Siddharth and Ashvini, he’s not that far off the mark! Sona is a lovely girl from a small village, who has been lovingly brought up by her brother Raghu, who has worked night and day to make sure Sona gets a good life. They are not very rich, but their love for each other is priceless. Ram and his snobbish mother Ashvini come to India to attend his cousin Riya’s wedding. Here he meets Sona, who is Riya’s childhood friend. It’s literally a clash between Venus and Mars! Ram, the habitual flirt, gets drawn to this lovely but simple girl from the village. Young love blossoms – pure and magical. But Sona’s brother Raghu hates the wealthy, and Ram’s mother has nothing but disdain for the not-so wealthy. Ram will have to face impossible challenges and Sona will have to witness his hardship and humiliation. Can Ram and Sona face the impossible odds? Can their love overcome all obstacles for a happy ending?



Kumar S Taurani


Romance , Comedy

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7,985 Ratings
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11 Reviews

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Ramaiya Vastavaiya
Aneela Zeb Babar Movie Jockey
91 64
280 1.0/5
It's a love story all right, as in LOVE STORY 2050 Reloaded. That is if you built a time machine that took you back to the   90s. But wai... read more
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Vipul Jain Vipul Jain Movie Jockey
4 6
96 2.5/5
Enough of Ram-Sita ki jodi.  New India has on offer Ram-Sona ki jodi!! Ram (Girish) is an opulent NRI from Australia who falls upon Sona (Shru... read more
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Shana Zadron Shana Zadron Time-Passer
1 0
132 5.0/5
I really liked the movie even though it had a little old love story going on. The couple were so awesome doing their jobs that is making the audien... read more
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Dhairya Bapodra Dhairya Bapodra Weekender
4 0
dam remake Jul 31, 2013
92 2.0/5
Spoiler Alert!
Really, I started hating when they stop adding anything new to story and copy story with newer but bad treatment. The only good element in this fil... read more
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sofiajaz Time-Passer
4 0
89 3.5/5
Haan Bhai Haan...MAINE PYAAR KIYA (Rishi Kapoor sang something similar in Karz, 1980)Toh Phir...PYAAR KIYA TOH DARNA KYA (Madhubala sang in Mughal ... read more
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