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Sadda Adda

In theaters : January 13, 2012

Sadda Adda
Sadda Adda
DM rating:

2.9/ 50 - 361 Ratings 5

Critic rating:

1.8/5 - 2 Ratings

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Verdict: Sadda Adda does have a few laughs but that doesn’t seem enough to compensate for its poorly written script and amateur acting. Avoid it!

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Plot: Sadda Adda is a slice of life film set in the backdrop of the capital city- Delhi. A city that brings in thousands of North Indians in search of opportunities that was never available in their own home towns. Six boys from different states come together to share a two BHK apartment in a middle-class colony, which they lovingly call Sadda Adda. Soon Sadda Adda, which began as a transitional accommodation to help them work towards their dreams, becomes their home.


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Sadda Adda
Smita Vyas Kumar
Smita Vyas Kumar Movie Jockey
Sadda Adda is a movie about the journey of five young guys to maturity. They are introduced to us as bright guys from good Universities trying to m... read more
Inspector VIjay
Inspector VIjay Movie Jockey
The second of this weeks releases is a youth-centric film set in Delhi with the writer of Rockstar, Muazzam Beg wielding the directorial baton. A c... read more
Abhishek Time-Passer
good movieJan 17, 2012
good movie to watch.
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