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Verdict: Ravi Teja’s new avatar sans the mass appeal fails to impress the audience with inept screenplay and corny storyline that has nothing new to offer. Skip it!

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Priyanka Dutt


Action , Family , Romance

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3 Reviews

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Padma Priya Movie Jockey
32 2
10 1.0/5
If you expect wit or laughs - don't bother leaving home at all. This is a disappointment . Add on a good heap of silliness and the premise that t... read more
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Rohit Penumatsa Rohit Penumatsa Movie Jockey
60 36
Sarocharu Dec 21, 2012
5 1.0/5
Karthik (Ravi Teja) makes an entry with the much used technique of a friend needing his help to elope or getting caught while eloping. And on ... read more
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Rajiv Menon Rajiv Menon Movie Jockey
144 41
3 1.0/5
To accept Ravi Teja in his new avatar sans mass appeal is a decision that solely rests on the shoulders of the viewers. It's good to see Ravi final... read more
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