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Verdict: Sholay is an all-time classic and one of the greatest Hindi films ever made. Top-notch acting, powerhouse dialogues and memorable scenes are worth revisiting on the big screen, with or without 3D.

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Runtime : 3 hours 18 min

Plot: After his family is murdered by a notorious and ruthless bandit, a former police officer enlists the services of two outlaws to capture him.



G.P. Sippy


Drama , Action , Adventure

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635 Ratings
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12 Reviews

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Somesh Sinha Movie Jockey
30 30
26 5.0/5
Sholay -- the name in the world of Hindi cinema, justify the honorific status 'Indisputable Classic' to the full extent. An action-adventure, the f... read more
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Aneela Zeb Babar Aneela Zeb Babar Movie Jockey
90 64
10 5.0/5
What do you say about a movie that was your introduction to Hindi cinema? A movie, where you dragged your "tape recorder" next to the VCR so you co... read more
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Mmmarwah Mmmarwah Movie Jockey
70 2
9 4.5/5
Verdict .See this film fot the 101st time in this new format even if you have seen it 100 times before.   What can be said about the most icon... read more
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Inspector VIjay Inspector VIjay Movie Jockey
133 41
Masterpiece! Jan 3, 2014
3 5.0/5
Does this film really warrant a review to be watched? At this point let me state, if you haven't seen it yet, just shut this review and go watch it... read more
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Rinki Roy Bhattcharya Rinki Roy Bhattcharya Time-Passer
2 0
SHOLAY REBORN Nov 29, 2010
20 5.0/5
SHOLAYI must be honest and say, I never counted SHOLAY amongst my MUST SEE. I was not swept off by it when first released.why? I was into parallel... read more
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