Sivaji 3D

Sivaji 3D
Sivaji 3D
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Plot: The film revolves around a well-established software systems architect, Sivaji, who returns home to India after finishing work in the United States. On his return, he dreams of giving back to society with free medical treatment and education. However his plans face a roadblock in the form of the influential businessman, Adiseshan. When corruption also arises, Sivaji is left with no option but to fight the system in his own way.

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686 Ratings
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2 Reviews

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Sivaji 3D
Rajiv Menon Movie Jockey
144 42
38 3.5/5
I don't know the ulterior motive for re-converting Sivaji into 3D, but from the look of the film, I can guarantee that the fans are going to love i... read more
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Krishna Krishna Time-Passer
1 0
gd Dec 15, 2012
30 4.0/5
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