Sooper Se Ooper

Sooper Se Ooper
Sooper Se Ooper
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Verdict: Sooper Se Ooper offers a few laughs but the poor execution and mediocre performances make the film not so super.

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Plot: Ranvir’s fortune is in dumps and selling his ancestral land in Mumbai is the only way to survive & Kukreja who has put all on stake has to get this land to stay away from the wrath of a ‘bhai’ and also achieve his dream of becoming a builder eventually! For both Ranvir & Kukreja this plot of land means everything and has to be got any which way. But the key to the land is Ranvir's mama Madho Singh Rathore in Mandwa. Since the will wasn't made in Ranvir's name, so mama has to give the NOC. Ranvir has to get Mama to Mumbai within a month & Kukreja has to stop him from reaching Mumbai. We see the transformation of our protagonist Ranvir from a materialistic city youth to someone who is all for family & values & antagonist Kukreja from a 'dalla' to a gangster through this journey, which has some other real and funny characters as well.



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Sooper Se Ooper
Aneela Zeb Babar Movie Jockey
89 64
185 2.0/5
Jaana Tha Japan Pahunch Gaye Cheen. Wanted to replicate Ritchie’s success with the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and end up with his R... read more
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