Super Model

In theaters : September 27, 2013

Super Model
DM rating:

1.7/5 - 1,941 Ratings

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0.5/5 - 2 Ratings

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Verdict: Super Model is a terrible experience with awful acting and a pathetic script. Skip it.

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Plot: A wine baron is scouting for Super Models to endorse & launch his new wine brand in the market. He recruits a photographer to organize a talent hunt in Fiji for the same. A midst this backdrop, an upcoming model faces competition from other beauties for the endorsement deal until the contestants mysteriously start getting murdered one by one and the needle of blame seems to point towards her!



Ravi Ahlawat



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0.5 Makes you think on existential issues
Super Model
Ameet Bhuvan
Ameet Bhuvan Movie Jockey
267 76
I deserve this, this feeling of wanting to gorge my eyes out and play foosball with them. Or the overwhleming feeling to run under a train and give... read more
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