The Raid: Redemption

The Raid: Redemption
The Raid: Redemption
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Runtime : 1 hour 41 min

Plot: As a rookie member of an elite special-forces team, Rama is instructed to hang back during a covert mission involving the extraction of a brutal crime lord from a rundown fifteen-story apartment block. But when a spotter blows their cover, boss Tama offers lifelong sanctuary to every killer, rapist and thief in the building in exchange for their heads. Now Rama must stand in for the team's fallen leader and use every iota of his fighting strength - winding through every floor and every room to complete the mission and escape with his life.



Action , Crime , Thriller

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157 Ratings
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4 Reviews

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The Raid: Redemption
Rony D'costa Movie Jockey
405 56
1 4.0/5
The Raid Redemption is a 2011 Indonesian movie that released in India last Friday. Dubbed in English with one of the worst translated script I have... read more
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Mehul Suri Mehul Suri Movie Jockey
73 0
0 2.5/5
Its been a long time since a full blown film on martial arts has hit the screens. A genre made popular by the Hongkong film industry back in the 80... read more
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Neeraj Neeraj Time-Passer
3 0
good May 13, 2012
0 3.0/5
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