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Plot: Jagadeesh is a carefree youngster whose life takes a jolting turn and he is faced with crucial decisions.



S Thanu


Thriller , Action

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13 Reviews

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Prashanth M Movie Jockey
93 62
72 4.0/5
I have never been more excited to review a movie. Any movie. I attended a 4:30 AM screening- one of the earliest in the city. The infectious energy... read more
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Padma Priya Padma Priya Movie Jockey
32 2
26 3.0/5
It is firmly established within the first two minutes itself, without wasting any time at all, that the hero has biceps, triceps and can sing and ... read more
Find this review helpful? |
Raja Sivaramakrishnan Raja Sivaramakrishnan Movie Jockey
14 4
Thuppaki Nov 16, 2012
21 3.5/5
Thuppaki....So Vijay finally comes back to form and he has Murugadoss to thank for it...Murugadoss too is back with a bangafter the debacle last Di... read more
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Rajiv Menon Rajiv Menon Movie Jockey
142 41
Vijay's engaging avatar 1 year, 5 months ago
15 3.5/5
Much contrary to Vijay's image, you'd see a completely different Vijay in A.R Murugadoss's 'Thuppakki'. All credit to crisp screenplay and equally ... read more
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Krishna Krishna Time-Passer
1 0
gd Dec 3, 2012
32 4.0/5
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