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Verdict: Top-notch performances by the lead cast and brilliant screenplay are the major assets for Vallinam. Watch it!

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801 Ratings
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3 Reviews

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Rajiv Menon Movie Jockey
142 41
201 3.0/5
This is the first time after ‘Boys’, I’m watching a film featuring Nakul. So I had least expectations from him considering the fa... read more
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El Matador El Matador Movie Jockey
19 3
43 3.0/5
In a country like India where cricket is a religion among the masses, all the other sports have a considerably lower appeal and are allotted a step... read more
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I Luv Cinema I Luv Cinema Cinemaniac
11 3
74 4.0/5
Trichy Krishna [Nakul] and Shiva [Kreshna] are good friends and they are so passionate about Basketball. During the Inter College Basketball Compet... read more
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