Vishwaroopam (Vishwaroop)

Vishwaroopam (Vishwaroop)
Vishwaroopam (Vishwaroop)
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Verdict: Vishwaroopam is a Kamal Hassan cinematic accomplishment with gleaming performances and technical brilliance. Fantastic background music makes up for the length making the film a must watch.

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Plot: Tamil spy thriller film written and directed by Kamal Haasan that features himself in the lead role. Vishwanath a Kathak dancer and Nirupama get married. Nirupama gets her PhD and Vishwanath runs his dance class in New Jersey unhindered by each other. All is fine till Dr. Nirupama aspires for more and wants to opt out of the arranged marriage. Nirupama chooses to spy on her husband to find an excuse to leave him.



Kamal Hassan



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3,170 Ratings
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25 Reviews

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Vishwaroopam (Vishwaroop)
Raja Satish Movie Jockey
126 43
12 3.5/5
Just imagine a valiant effort of pumping in Rs 95 crores in an unconventional film. Adding to that is charting uncharted terrain by trying to relea... read more
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Rohit Penumatsa Rohit Penumatsa Movie Jockey
60 36
6 3.5/5
The joy of having intelligent neighbours Kamal Hasan's new mega project took me back to my childhood when the fulfilling movie experiences were mo... read more
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Prashanth M Prashanth M Movie Jockey
93 62
4 2.5/5
I took my time to write about this film. Pushing off my initial reactions, I gave the film a lot of thought because I wanted to be really sure. My ... read more
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Raja Sivaramakrishnan Raja Sivaramakrishnan Movie Jockey
14 4
Viswaroopam Mar 10, 2013
3 4.0/5
Viswaroopam...By now most of India has seen Viswaroopam and there is nothing new that I would be able to talk about the movie that hasn't been talk... read more
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Rony D'costa Rony D'costa Movie Jockey
405 54
Whizvaroop Feb 4, 2013
0 3.0/5
Kamal Haasan spends a lot of time on writing his scripts and knows the importance of script writing but when it comes to his own films it always a... read more
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