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Verdict: Apart from Dimple Kapadia, there is hardly anything to offer in What the Fish. A dull comedy with half-baked execution. Skip it.

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Plot: Dimple Kapadia has to leave town and needs to ensure that her gold fish and money plant are taken care of. After too much of thinking, she decides to handover the house to her niece. What follows is a series of hilarious events where the house changes a dozen ownerships.

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8 Reviews

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Smita Vyas Kumar Movie Jockey
328 350
68 1.5/5
This is the time of the year when schools have their Annual Days and children put up amateur productions. The plays may not be that great but dotin... read more
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Inspector VIjay Inspector VIjay Movie Jockey
134 41
31 2.0/5
When I saw the promo, the actors & the concept, I thought this one might be atleast good timepass. The track Babbe Mast was also decent, but I ... read more
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