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The World Before Her

In theaters : June 06, 2014 Runtime : 1 hour 30 min

The World Before Her
1 hour 30 minhttp://images.desimartini.com/media/main/movie_poster_detail/2bb0f0a2-4688-402f-9d75-4e6607ea0d22.png
The World Before Her
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3.3/ 50 - 283 Ratings 3

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Verdict: Hard-hitting but not melodramatic, The World Before Her is an honest and moving documentary on the problems women in India are facing. A must watch.

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Plot: Moving between two extremes - the intimate verite drama of the Miss India pageant's rigorous beauty "bootcamp" and the intense regime of a militant Hindu fundamentalist camp for young girls. The World Before Her delivers a provocative portrait of India and its current cultural conflicts during a key transitional era in the country's modern history.

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The World Before Her
Nikhil Arora
Nikhil Arora Movie Jockey
The World Before Her is a shocking documentary. The shocks don’t come out of graphic violence or scenes of poverty. They are mainly borne out... read more
Diptakirti Chaudhuri
Nisha Pahuja pulls of an amazing coup as hers become the first film crew to shoot a Durga Vahini (women's wing of Bajrang Dal) camp in Aurangabad a... read more
Mohit Patil
Mohit Patil Movie Jockey
In one of the scenes in Nisha Pahuja’s The World Before Her, Prachi, an activist of the Hindu fundamentalist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad&rsqu... read more
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