Yamudiki Mogudu

Yamudiki Mogudu
Yamudiki Mogudu
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Verdict: Though the film fails to entertain, it is just one time watch if you're a fan of Naresh.

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Chanti Addala


Comedy , Family

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358 Ratings
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4 Reviews

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Yamudiki Mogudu
Padma Priya Movie Jockey
32 2
8 2.5/5
The dialogues could have carried the movie through the box office on their own strength. It is one of the few movies where the humour brings atlea... read more
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Rajiv Menon Rajiv Menon Movie Jockey
144 41
4 2.0/5
“Yamudiki Mogudu” is an unsatisfying rehash of several films based on Yama released over the years. Even though the film promises good scope fo... read more
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Rohit Penumatsa Rohit Penumatsa Movie Jockey
60 36
Yamudiki Mogudu Dec 28, 2012
3 2.0/5
Three Genres Telugu films have 3 genres : The commercial film, the love story and the Yama film (which would apply to any film with a God visiting ... read more
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