Yeh Hai Bakrapur

In theaters : May 09, 2014

Yeh Hai Bakrapur
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2.7/5 - 336 Ratings

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2.3/5 - 4 Ratings

Yeh Hai Bakrapur (2014) Bollywood Movie Ratings, Cast, Story -

Verdict: Yeh Hai Bakrapur is as understated satire with an engaging story. Although the second half falter... more

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Plot: Yeh hai Bakrapur is a social satire set against the backdrop of rural India. A multi-layered film, it dwells, at the primary level, on the relationship between eight year old Zulfi Qureshi and his pet goat Shahrukh. It is also a hilarious take on the complex belief systems in our society and the conflicts that ensue thereon.


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3.5 this small film is a huge delight
Yeh Hai Bakrapur
Ameet Bhuvan
Ameet Bhuvan Movie Jockey
267 76
Small films more oftne than not do not find eyeballs in the huge mela of big budget nonsense that gets out every friday. What results thus is that ... read more
3.0 Kaafi vegetarian comedy hai.
Aneela Zeb Babar
Aneela Zeb Babar Movie Jockey
108 80
YE HAI BAKRAPUR reminds me of a time when we would debate the effacity of micro finance projects for women groups. It reminds me of other places, o... read more
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