12 Bollywood Blockbusters That Don't Deserve To Be In The 100 Crore Club

As Bollywood is becoming more and more 'organised', it is becoming more of a business. There is extensive market research, brand promotions and other processes that make films more of a consumer commodity. And with this model, inarguably, there has been a surge in how much a particular film earns. 100 crore club, which would have been unthinkable only a decade in now not only a reality but an industry standard.

Since Ghajini made history by becoming the first Indian film in 2008 to cross the 100 crore film, 50 Bollywood films have achieved that feat--and then some. But while most of these 50 films crossed this gigantic number by the aforementioned tactics, they were not all completely sub-standard works that didn't deserve the large audience they got.

Having said that, there are a few films on the list that were in fact so bad, in the cinematic sense, that they shouldn't have enjoyed the great success they had. Namely: