‘I Was Emotionally Drained’: Divya Dutta On Working In Traffic

Late Rajesh Pillai’s ‘Traffic’ took an emotional toll on Badlapur actress Divya Dutta who recently shared her experience working for the film. “I was emotionally drained. We were shooting in a real hospital, the whole feeling of being there was… I normally don’t use glycerin, so to cry all the time and feel the pain of the mother who is losing her child did take its toll on me. I used to go home very exhausted”, the actress revealed.

Talking about the film that has been inspired by real life events, Divya shared, “The film is more or less the same, but with a little bit of tweaking here and there, keeping in mind the Hindi audience. I had seen the original and I absolutely loved it. There was no reason for me to say no to the film”.

‘Traffic’ stars Manoj Bajpai as a traffic police officer. Divya has previously worked with the Aligarh actor in ‘Special 26’ and ‘Veer Zaara’. The 38-year-old actress revealed that Manoj puts his heart and soul in his character and that he is very serious about his work. The movie will be released on May 6.

‘I Was Emotionally Drained’: Divya Dutta On Working In Traffic

Source: indianexpress.com